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Wood PanelsGlass Panels
Glass Wall panels, oxidized bronze accents, bronze rope handrail, and cherry wood flooring inlaid with black stone provide an extravagant elevator for this popular restaurant in Houston Texas.
The Eklund's team prides itself on innovative solutions to create extraordinary elevator designs, and to meet, and exceed, the widely varying criteria of client specifications. The cabs shown here are only a small representation of our work.
GlassGlass & Wood
In historic downtown Austin, a prestigous hotel requested high-end design while mainting the original style of elevator system. Using modern materials of fire rated wood panels and etched glass,a warm and timeless interior was provided.
Eklund’s designers are adept in using interesting materials to produce attractive combinations in elevator interiors. From simply elegant to boldly modern, we can furnish the perfect materials for your elevator cab.
Rich wood paneling combined with a textured stainless upper panel and ceiling with halogen lighting all combined for an inviting contemporary elevator design. The result is a modern, warm and inviting environment.
We have a large selection of available materials and material sources. Whatever your needs, Eklunds has a solution that is just right for you. For additional information, email us at info@eklunds.com. To request a proposal, please refer to our proposal request form under (Contact).